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Whether you are looking for a bright orange dye to colour your new range of fibre tip marker pens or a highly effective crosslinking agent for paper and paper board coatings we can help.

We have been delivering dyestuffs to our customers for over a century - colours for all fabrics and their blends. Our expertise in processing dyes goes far beyond the textile industry.

Today we supply colours to an extensive range of industries; colours for soaps and cleaning products, colours for waxes and polishes, colours for wood stains and surface coatings.

Large industrial roll of processed paper

Paper and board

We have developed a range of products that meet the specific needs of the paper, pulp and board ...

Leather hides drying in a tannery


We offer a range of dyes for drum dyeing all types of leather. The metal-free and iron-complex dyes ...

Paintbrush & can resting on part painted wooden decking


Ceralan wood dyestuffs are available as water soluble metal complex dyes or as desalinated products ...

A selection of different coloured highlighter pens

Inks and markers

Our range of high purity dyes with low salt content has been carefully selected for use in most ink ...

Liquid soap being poured from a detergent bottle

Detergents and cleaning products

Selected because of their suitability for colouring detergents, soaps and cleaning products this ...