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Colour for detergents and cleaning products

Selected because of their suitability for colouring detergents, soaps and cleaning products this collection of dyes allows us to offer customers a choice of colours, stable across a broad pH range.

Customers can expect long-term colour stability that is resilient to fading or changing over time.

In addition to the standard range of dyes we can colour match to customers exact shade requirements and formulate a product that is suitable and

Ceravon Fluoresceine N

A bright fluorescent yellow, stable in alkali environments.

Ceravon Fast Yellow 2G

A bight (Monoazo class) yellow dye stable in acidic environments

Ceravon Fast Tartrazine S

A (Monoazo class) yellow shade, stable in low, neutral and high pH environments.

Ceravon Fast Yellow M

A reddish yellow suitable for alkali conditions.

Ceravon Fast Orange II

A bright reddish orange, stable alkali conditions.

Ceravon Fast Rhodine 2G

A bright bluish red, suitable for alkali and acidic pH environments.

Ceravon Fast Scarlet MOO

A yellowish red, chemically stable in a range of pH environments

Ceravon Fast Rhodamine B

A bright bluish pink, stable in alkali and acidic conditions

Ceracryl Rhodamine B

A bright reddish violet, suitable for alkali environments

Direct Fast Turquoise GL

A bright greenish blue, stable in alkali environment.

Ceravon Milling Blue AG

An Anthraquinone type blue shade stable in acidic environments

Ceravon Milling Blue BL

An Anthraquinone class blue, stable in alkali conditions.

Ceracryl Methylene Blue 2B

A bright greenish blue, suitable for lower pH environments

Alizarine Fast Brilliant Green G

A bluish green, for use in alkali or acidic applications

Ceravon Fast Black 10B

A bluish black, stable in acidic and alkaline conditions.