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Basic (Cationic)

Ceracryl basic dyes are ideal for very bright shades (some of them are fluorescent) with high tinctorial values.

Unfortunately their brilliance is not matched by their fastness - particularly to light. As a result their usage in textile applications is limited. 

However, they remain popular in the paper industry where light fastness is of little consequence.

Basic Yellow 2

(Ceracryl Auramine O)

Basic Orange 1

(Ceracryl Chrysoidine Y)

Basic Violet 1

(Ceracryl Methyl Violet 2B)

Basic Violet 10

(Ceracryl Rhodamine B)

Basic Violet 14

(Ceracryl Magenta)

Basic Violet 16

(Ceracryl Brilliant Red 2B)

Basic Blue 9

(Ceracryl Methylene Blue 2B)

Basic Blue 26

(Ceracryl Victoria Blue BO)