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The Direct range of dyes from Dixon Chew produce bright full shades on cellulosic fibres.

They are suitable for application on cotton and linen, but can also be applied to rayon and silk.

However they possess relatively poor fastness properties and as a result their usage is limited to applications where this factor is of secondary importance.

The Direct range of dyes are more suited to paper and leather applications.

Direct Yellow 12 (CAS 92062-35-6)

Chrysophenine G

Direct Red 9 (CAS 61724-94-5)

Direct Brilliant Pink DB

Direct Red 23 (CAS 92062-35-6)

Direct Scarlet 4BS

Direct Red 81 (CAS 2610-11-9)

Direct Red 8BK

Direct Violet 51 (CAS 5489-77-0)

Direct Brilliant Helio B

Direct Black 19 (CAS 6428-31-5)

Direct Black JRA

Direct Black 22 (CAS 6473-13-8)

Direct Black VSF