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Mordant (Chrome)

With good levelling and excellent colour fastness properties, Dixon Chew Chrome dyes remain an economical way to produce dark and opaque shades on wool.

They can be used to dye loose stock, tops, yarn and piece goods and because of their excellent fastness properties they are particularly suited to dyeing wool that is subsequently processed with white blends or pale coloured yarn articles.

Some Chrome dyes in the range have important secondary uses for dyeing silk, nylon and leather.

Mordant Red 7 (CAS 3618-63-1)

Chrome Fast Red B

Mordant Blue 9 (CAS 3624-68-8)

Chrome Fast Blue RL

Mordant Brown 1 (CAS 3564-15-6)

Chrome Fast Brown EDN

Mordant Black 9 (CAS 2052-25-7)

Chrome Fast Black PV

Mordant Black 11(CAS 1787-61-7)

Chrome Fast Black TOO

Mordant Black 15 (CAS 3179-84-8)

Chrome Fast Black R