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Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate (AZC)

CAS Number: 68309-95-5
Chemical formula: (NH4)2[Zr(CO3)2(OH)2]
Crosslinker in coated paper, glass fibre wallcoverings and water based inks

Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate (AZC) is used as a crosslinker to insolubilise starch, protein, acrylics and latex binders in applications such as paper, paperboard and glass fibre wallcoverings.
The crosslinking action of AZC can be used in water based inks to improve adhesion and scrub resistance.

AZC is a clear, aqueous alkaline solution of with a strong ammoniacal odour containing approximately 20% ZrO2.

Typical properties

Appearance          Clear, colourless liquid
ZrO2 & HfO2*         19-21%
pH                             9.50 - 10.50
Specific gravity     1.36
Viscosity                  5 cps

HfO2 accounts for approximately 2wt% of this total.


250 kg drums
1250 kg IBCs
Bulk tanker