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Zirconium Basic Carbonate (ZBC)

CAS Number: 57219-64-4
Chemical formula: Zr2(CO3)(OH)2O2
Intermediate for the production of other zirconium compounds

Zirconium Basic Carbonate (ZBC) is a moist, white, inhomogeneous, amorphous cake containing approximately 40% ZrO2.  It is soluble in both mineral and organic acids as well as alkaline carbonates. It is insoluble in water.
The material must be handled and transported with care to avoid dewatering and deactivation. It is recommended that ZBC is used within 6 months from production date.

Typical Analysis

ZrO2 + HfO2*  40% min.
Fe2O3               0.002% max.
TiO2                  0.002% max.
Na2O                0.05% max.
Cl                       0.05% max.
SO4                   0.05% max. 

* HfO2 accounts for approximately 2wt% of this total.

Dixon Chew also offers a high purity grade ZBC for catalyst applications, please contact us for further details.


25 kg bags
1000 kg bulk bags