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Zircote Z20

CAS Number: 68309-95-5
Chemical formula: (NH4)2[Zr(CO3)2(OH)2]
Crosslinker for paper and paperboard

Zircote Z20 is a highly effective crosslinker for paper and paperboard.
When added to a coating colour it interacts weakly with oxygenated sites, mainly carboxyl or hydroxyl groups, on the binder molecules. The dried coating will exhibit increased water resistance, but not water repellency and the microporous structure of the coating will remain open.

Zircote Z20 is a clear, aqueous alkaline solution of stabilised ammonium zirconium carbonate with a strong ammoniacal odour containing approximately 20% ZrO2.

Typical properties

Appearance             Clear, colourless liquid
ZrO2 & HfO2*            19-21%
pH                                9.50 - 10.50
Specific gravity       1.36
Viscosity:                   5 cps

HfO2 accounts for approximately 2wt% of this total.


250 kg drums
1250 kg IBCs
Bulk tanker