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Updated: 08th July 2021

Our primary objective remains; to maintain standards of service and supply to customers, wherever they are.

Regulatory compliance


Customers based in EU/EEA/Northern Ireland: From 1st January 2021 Dixon Chew are regarded as a non-EU manufacturer/supplier but you can continue to buy products from us. We have transferred our existing EU REACH registrations to EU27 based Only Representatives.

No products manufactured or sold by Dixon Chew contain SVHC. We will continue to fulfil the requirements/obligations according to REACH Article 7(2).

Customers based in Great Britain (GB): The domestic equivalent of EU REACH will operate in GB from 1st January 2021, it will be known as UK REACH. Our EU REACH registrations will be legally recognised in the UK REACH system when the transition period ends. This recognition is called ‘grandfathering’ and it means we can continue to supply customers with REACH registered products after the end of the transition period.

We grandfathered all PPORD and EU Registrations into UK REACH, prior to the deadline of  1st  May 2021 


Customers based in EU/EEA/Northern Ireland: Products supplied by Dixon Chew will still comply with the EU regulations, including the CLP Regulation. We will continue to classify and label our products accordingly. However, as an EU importer you need to submit notifications to the C&L Inventory.

Customers based in GB: From 1st January 2021, the European Union (EU) CLP Regulation will be replaced in GB by retained EU law – the GB CLP Regulation. We will still classify substances and mixtures i.e. identify any hazardous properties, before they are sold on the GB market. We will still label substances and mixtures to reflect their hazard classification before we place them on the GB market.

There will be no changes to the packaging requirements. Substances and mixtures that we place on the GB market will still be safely and securely packaged. Dixon Chew will continue to identify, examine and evaluate available scientific information on substances and mixtures relating to possible physical, health or environmental hazardous properties of chemicals.