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We offer a range of dyes for drum dyeing all types of leather. The metal-free and iron-complex dyes in the range can also be used for colouring wet white leathers.

Leather Tartrazine S

Leather Milling Yellow R

Leather Fast Yellow GR

Leather Yellow TXG

Leather Fast Orange G

Leather Orange 2GL

Leather Fast Orange II

Leather Red 8BK

Leather Scarlet P5R

Leather Scarlet SDR

Leather Rhodine 2G

Leather Fast Scarlet 4BS

Leather Fast Scarlet MOO

Leather Fast Red A

Leather Fast Bordeaux MB

Leather Brilliant Red 2B

Leather Milling Maroon V

Leather Violet 4BNS

Leather Green V

Leather Green BS

Leather Fast Blue A

Leather Brilliant Blue BL

Leather Brilliant Blue 8G

Leather Blue G

Leather Milling Blue AG

Leather Cyanine 6B

Leather Blue 2G

Leather Fast Blue MR

Leather Milling Navy RL

Leather Navy 2RN

Leather Tan Brown 2R

Leather Brown GNR

Leather Brown ER

Leather Brown SGR

Leather Brown 3RB

Leather Brown CGR

Leather Grey W

Leather Black CSB

Leather Fast Black MR

Leather Fast Black WA

Leather Black NT