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Dixon Chew offer a range of dyes specifically selected for the paper industry. Whether it's for fine paper production, packaging, publishing paper or tissue, on bleached or unbleached mechanical, chemical or recycled fibres, we can offer a colorant.

Our range of Direct dyes are suitable for fine paper and high quality boards whilst our Ceracryl range of paper dyes are suitable for paper and board made from unbleached or waste furnishes. To minimise solution problems many of our Ceracryl paper dyes are available in liquid form.

Direct Fast Yellow 5GL

Ceracryl Brilliant Flavine 10GFF

Direct Chrysophenine G

Direct Fast Yellow R

A bright reddish yellow (Disazo dye) suitable for colouring fine paper and tissue.

Direct Fast Yellow DRA

Direct Fast Orange 2GL

A yellowish orange suitable for mass colouration of primarily fine paper and tissue.

Direct Fast Orange OCA

Direct Scarlet 4BS

Direct Red 8BK

A bright red, with good wet fastness characteristics. Suitable for colouring tissue and packaging.

Direct Fast Red F3B

Direct Red 2BNA

Direct Fast Red 6BL

Ceracryl Rhodamine B

A bright reddish magenta, used in packaging.

Ceracryl Methyl Violet 2B

A bluish violet suitable for packaging and as a tint for publication papers.

Direct Fast Violet B

A bluish violet (Disazo class) dye suitable for tinting white fine and publishing paper.

Direct Fast Green BL

Direct Fast Turquoise Blue FBL

A bright greenish blue (Phtalocyanine class) used for fine paper and tissue

Direct Blue GDA

Ceracryl Methylene Blue 2B

Direct Fast Blue G

Direct Black BFN

Direct Black JRA

Direct Black VSF

Direct Black CSB

Sulphur Black BR

Black, suitable for stock application, with excellent affinity to fibres resulting in clear backwaters.