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CAS Number: 263745-23-9
Ceraquench PAS Liquid

Highly efficient OBA quencher is used to remove unwanted fluorescence in paper manufacturing

Ceraquench PAS Liquid is a cationic water soluble polymer recommended for the efficient neutralisation of the optical brightening effect of fluorescent whitening agents (OBA) in paper production.

It's highly effective quenching performance makes it ideal to neutralise fluorescence when changing from fluorescent production runs to non-fluorescent or when changing from white to colour paper by promptly clearing all remaining fluorescence from the paper machine. It provides highly efficient OBA quenching when added either batch-wise or continuously to the stock or backwater. Papermakers benefit from an increase in production efficiency as they can shorten machine changeover times.

Paper manufacturers also use Ceraquench PAS Liquid to neutralise the brightener and reduce dye consumption when making brown packaging grades from waste. In addition the product can be used to produce non fluorescent paper from brightened recycled paper or de-inked pulp.

The recommended dosage rate depends on the level of fluorescence in the pulp but unwanted optical brightening agents can be practically eradicated using typical measures in the region of 1.0 – 3.0% on weight of fibre.