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The launch of our new website marks the start of our new blog where we will be keeping you updated with what's going on and what's new at Dixon Chew.

Working on the website, and our subsequent foray into the world of social media (don’t forget to follow us on twitter @dixonchewchem), had us reflecting on how differently the company runs now in comparison to when we were established in 1891.

Today we use computers and spreadsheets to keep track of stock levels and to track our raw materials but back when Dixon Chew started things worked very differently!

This is an old stock ledger we have stored in our archives which dates as far back as 1891.  Some of the earliest entries in the ledger include hay and straw for the horses who would be pulling our delivery carts!  Today we still stock some of the products that we were selling 124 years ago, like Rhodamine B and Acetic Acid!

It’s strange to think how much we depend on the ease of technology now when writing in these ledgers used to be the most efficient way of keeping records.

Hopefully our new blog can act as a digital record of what’s going on at Dixon Chew from now!