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For colouring natural protein (wool and silk) and synthetic polyamide (nylon)

Ceravon (Level Dyeing) have outstanding migrating power and give dyeings of very good light fastness with moderate wet fastness.Their main use is in dyeing dress materials, furnishings and carpet/knitting yarns.

Ceravon (Milling) dyes for wool and nylon offer high wet and light fastness colours which deliver brilliant shades throughout the range. They can be dyed in combination with Ceralan Premet dyes where good overall fastness is required.

Ceralan (Premet) dyes are predominantly used to dye wool and it's blends. They possess strong all round fastness properties from pale to heavy shades and are used to dye piece, yarn and loose stock. They can be dyed in combination with Ceravon Milling dyes.

Need something you don't see here? We can colour match to your requirements; a sample swatch or a Pantone® reference is all our technical team need.  


Ceravon Fast Tartrazine S

Acid Yellow 23 (CAS 1934-21-0)

Ceravon Fast Flavine FF

Acid Yellow 7 (CAS 2391-30-2)

Ceravon Fast Yellow 2G

Acid Yellow 17 (CAS 6359-98-4)

Ceravon Fast Yellow 2GP

Acid Yellow 29 (CAS 6359-91-7)

Ceravon Milling Yellow TXG

Acid Yellow 110 (CAS 12220-74-5)

Ceravon Fast Yellow M

Acid Yellow 36 (CAS 587-98-4)

Ceravon Milling Yellow 4R

Acid Yellow 199 (CAS 70865-20-2)

Ceravon Milling Yellow R

Acid Yellow 42 (CAS 6375-55-9)

Ceravon Fast Yellow RNL

Acid Yellow 25 (CAS 6359-85-9)

Ceravon Fast Orange G

Acid Orange 10 (CAS 1936-15-8)

Ceravon Fast Yellow AE

Acid Orange 3 (CAS 587-98-4)

Ceravon Milling Orange G

Acid Orange 33 (CAS 6507-77-3)

Ceravon Milling Orange SLF

Acid Orange 116 (CAS 12220-10-9)

Ceravon Fast Orange II

Acid Orange 7 (CAS 633-96-5)

Ceravon Milling Scarlet GS

Acid Red 374 (CAS 6507-78-4)

Ceravon Fast Rhodine 2G

Acid Red 1 (CAS 3734-67-6)

Ceravon Fast Red 3GS

Acid Red 37 (CAS 302912-22-7)

Ceravon Fast Red 3GP

Acid Red 57 (CAS 12217-34-4)

Ceravon Fast Sulphon Brilliiant Red BL)

Acid Red 106 (CAS 6844-74-2)

Ceravon Milling Maroon V

Acid Red 119 (CAS 12220-20-1)

Ceravon Milling Red B

Acid Red 249 (CAS 6416-66-6)

Ceravon Milling Red 2B

Acid Red 131 (CAS 12234-99-0)

Ceravon Milling Red 10B

Acid Violet 54 (CAS 11097-74-8)

Ceravon Fast Rhodamine B

Acid Red 52 (CAS 3520-42-1)

Ceravon Fast Scarlet P5R

Acid Red 18 (CAS 2611-82-7)

Ceravon Fast Scarlet MOO

Acid Red 73 (CAS 5413-75-2)

Ceravon Fast Green V

Acid Green 16 (CAS 12768-78-4)

Ceravon Milling Cyanine G

Acid Blue 90 (CAS 6104-58-1)

Ceravon Milling Green 5G

Acid Green 28 (CAS 4403-90-1)

Ceravon Fast Blue A

Acid Blue 7 (CAS 3846-30-4)

Ceravon Milling Blue 8G

Acid Blue 185 (CAS 12234-64-9)

Ceravon Milling Blue GAW

Acid Blue 127 (CAS 6471-01-8)

Ceravon Milling Green G

Acid Green 27 (CAS 6408-57-7)

Ceravon Fast Blue 2G

Acid Blue 40 (CAS 6424-85-7)

Ceravon Fast Blue V

Acid Blue 1 (CAS 1694-09-3)

Ceravon Alizarine Fast Brilliant Green G

Acid Green 25 (CAS 4403-90-1)

Ceravon Milling Violet BL

Acid Violet 48 (CAS 12220-51-8)

Acid Violet 126

(Ceravon Fast Violet E2R)

Ceravon Fast Rhodine 6B

Acid Violet 7 (CAS 4321-69-1)

Ceravon Milling Rubine 5BL

Acid Red 299 (CAS 12220-29-0)

Ceravon Alizarine Fast Brilliant Violet R

Acid Violet 43 (CAS 4430-18-6)

(Ceravon Fast Blue FBLL)

Acid Blue Mix

Ceravon Fast Blue EGL

Acid Blue 72 (CAS 12219-17-9)

Ceravon Milling Blue BL

Acid Blue 80 (CAS 4474-24-2)

Ceravon Milling Blue AG

Acid Blue 25 (CAS 6408-78-2)

Ceravon Milling Blue 4R

Acid Blue 277 (CAS 25797-81-3)

Ceravon Milling Blue PRL

Acid Blue 129 (CAS 6397-02-0)

Ceravon Fast Brilliant Blue BS

Acid Blue 45 (CAS 2861-02-1)

(Ceravon Fast Blue SPFN)

Acid Blue Mix

Ceravon Fast Sky Blue RS

Acid Blue 62 (CAS 4368-56-3)

Ceravon Milling Cyanine 6B

Acid Blue 83 (CAS 6104-59-2)

Ceravon Fast Violet 2B

Acid Violet 41 (CAS 4129-84-4)

Ceravon Fast Violet 4BNS

Acid Violet 49 (CAS 1694-09-3)

Ceravon Milling Navy RL

Acid Blue 92 (CAS 3861-73-2)

Ceravon Milling Navy 2RN

Acid Blue 113 (CAS 3351-05-1)

Ceravon Fast Black 10B

Acid Black 1 (CAS 1064-48-8)

Ceralan Fast Yellow 2GL

Acid Yellow 59 (CAS 5601-29-6)

Ceralan Fast Fast Yellow GR

Acid Yellow 99 (CAS 10343-58-5)

Ceralan Fast Golden Yellow MR 250%

Acid Yellow 151 (CAS 12715-61-6)

Ceralan Fast Yellow 3RL

Acid Yellow 194 (CAS 61814-52-6)

Ceralan Fast Yellow S2G

Acid Yellow 220 (CAS 71603-79-7)

Ceralan Fast Orange S2R

Acid Orange 60 (CAS 30112-70-0)

Ceralan Fast Orange G

Acid Orange 74 (CAS 10127-27-2)

Ceralan Fast Orange SR

Acid Orange 144 (CAS 61814-64-0)

Ceralan Fast Bordeaux K-RL

Acid Red 182 (CAS 61901-42-6)

Ceralan Fast Bordeaux MB

Acid Violet 90 (CAS 6408-29-3)

Ceralan Fast Blue GG

Acid Blue 158 (CAS 6370-08-7)

Ceralan Fast Blue MR

Acid Blue 193 (CAS 12392-64-2)

Ceralan Fast Navy SB

Acid Blue 284 (CAS 61814-66-2)

Ceralan Fast Green GL

Acid Green 43 (CAS 12219-88-4)

Ceralan Fast Olive SG

Acid Green 73 (CAS 12219-93-1)

Ceralan Fast Dark Brown SGR

Acid Brown 282 (CAS 12219-65-7)

Ceralan Fast Red Brown SR

Acid Brown 283 (CAS 12219-66-8)

Ceralan Fast Brown M-BL

Acid Brown 355 (CAS 60181-77-3)

Ceralan Fast Black WA

Acid Black 52 (CAS 5610-64-0)

Ceralan Fast Grey BL

Acid Black 60 (CAS 12218-95-0)

Ceralan Fast Black BGL

Acid Black 107 (CAS 12218-96-1)

Ceralan Fast Black MR

Acid Black 194 (61931-02-0)