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For colouring synthetic, anionic materials.

Ceracryl (Cationic) basic dyes are ideal for very bright shades (some of them are fluorescent) with high tinctorial values. Unfortunatly their brilliance is not matched by their fastness - particularly to light. They remain popular in the paper industry where light fastness is less important.

Ceracryl (Modified) Our modified basic dyes, though still cationic in nature, have longer molecular structures than standard basic dyes. As a result of the longer molecular structures they have significantly improved properties including excellent substantivity, clear backwater and better light fastness than ordinary basic dyes.

Need something you don't see here? We can colour match to your requirements; a sample swatch or a Pantone® reference is all our technical team need.



Ceracryl Brilliant Flavine 10GFF

Basic Yellow 40 (CAS 35869-60-4)

Ceracryl Auramine O

Basic Yellow 2 (CAS 2465-27-2)

Ceracryl Golden Yellow G

Basic Yellow 28 (CAS 54060-92-3)

Ceracryl Rhodamine B

Basic Violet 10 (CAS 81-88-9)

Ceracryl Brilliant Red 2B

Basic Violet 16 (CAS 6359-45-1)

Ceracryl Red GRL

Basic Red 46 (CAS 12221-69-1)

Ceracryl Magenta

Basic Violet 14 (CAS 632-99-5)

Ceracryl Methyl Violet 2B

Basic Violet 1 (CAS 8004-87-3)

Ceracryl Chrysoidine Y

Basic Orange 2 (CAS 532-82-1)

Ceracryl Red GTL

Basic Red 18 (CAS 14097-03-1)

Ceracryl Blue GRL

Basic Blue 41 (CAS 12270-13-2)

Ceracryl Victoria Blue BO

Basic Blue 26 (CAS 2580-56-5)

Ceracryl Methylene Blue 2B

Basic Blue 9 (CAS122965-43-9)