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For colouring cotton, paper, leather, wool, silk and nylon.

Direct Fast (DFL) dyes are ideal for application on cellulosic fibres where cost-efficiency is an important factor.  Their relative ease of application combined with a good colour range makes them ideal for textile, paper and leather coloration.

Standard Direct dyes, have relatively poor fastness properties compared to the DFL range. As a result, their usage is limited to applications where this factor is of secondary importance, like paper and leather applications.

Need something you don't see here? We can colour match to your requirements; a sample swatch or a Pantone® reference is all our technical team need.


Direct Fast Flavine D7GFF

Direct Yellow 96 (CAS 61725-08-4)

Direct Fast Yellow 5GL

Direct Yellow 44 (CAS 8005-52-5)

Direct Fast Yellow R

Direct Yellow 50 (CAS 3214-47-9)

Direct Fast Orange 2G

Direct Orange 34 (CAS 12222-37-6)

Direct Fast Orange 2GL

Direct Orange 39 (CAS 1325-54-8)

Direct Fast Turquoise Blue FBL

Direct Blue 199 (CAS 12222-04-7)

Direct Fast Turquoise GL

Direct Blue 86 (CAS 1330-38-7)

Direct Fast Brilliant Blue BL

Direct Blue 106 (CAS 6527-70-4)

Direct Fast Red F3B

Direct Red 80 (CAS 2610-10-8)

Direct Fast Violet 5BLL

Direct Violet 48 (CAS 37279-54-2)

Direct Red 8BK

Direct Red 81 (CAS 2610-11-9)

Direct Scarlet 4BS

Direct Red 23 (CAS 92062-35-6)

Direct Fast Red 6BLL

Direct Red 79 (CAS 1937-34-4)

Direct Fast Brown 2R

Direct Red 111 (CAS 1325-65-1)

Direct Fast Green 5GL

Direct Green 28 (CAS 6471-09-6)

Direct Fast Green BL

Direct Green 26 (CAS 6388-26-7)

Direct Fast Blue 4GL

Direct Blue 78 (CAS 2503-73-3)

Direct Fast Blue G

Direct Blue 71 (CAS 4399-55-7)

Direct Fast Blue 2RLL

Direct Blue 80 (CAS 12222-00-3)

Direct Fast Blue 3RL

Direct Blue 67 (CAS 3354-97-0)

Direct Fast Bordeaux BL

Direct Red 99 (CAS 6837-87-2)

Direct Fast Brown BL

Direct Brown 103 (CAS 70304-38-0)

Direct Fast Grey 4GL

Direct Black 62 (CAS 12221-89-5)

Direct Black VSF

Direct Black 22 (CAS 6473-13-8)

Direct Black JRA

Direct Black 19 (CAS 6428-31-5)