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For polyester, acetate, and related hydrophobic fibers.

Cerasperse range of high and medium energy disperse dyes are used to colour polyester under pressure and high temperature conditions. They can also be applied in atmospheric conditions and lower temperatures with the aid of a polyester dye carrier.

Selected colours in the range are also suitable for dyeing nylon, cellulose acetate, viscose, PVC and to colour plastic buttons and fastenings.

Need something you don't see here? We can colour match to your requirements; a sample swatch or a Pantone® reference is all our technical team need.

Cerasperse Brilliant Flavine 10GFF

Disperse Yellow 82 (CAS 12239-58-6)

Cerasperse Yellow 3GL

Disperse Yellow 54

Cerasperse Orange 2RL

Disperse Orange 25 (CAS 31482-56-1)

Cerasperse Red 2BL

Disperse Red 60 (CAS 17418-58-5)

Cerasperse Rubine S2GFL

Disperse Red 167 (CAS 61968-52-3)

Cerasperse Violet 2R

Disperse Violet 1 (CAS 128-95-0)

Cerasperse Brilliant Blue BG

Disperse Blue 60 (CAS 12217-80-0)

Cerasperse Brilliant Blue BN

Disperse Blue 3 (CAS 2475-46-9)

Cerasperse Blue BL

Disperse Blue 56 (CAS 12217-79-7)

Cerasperse Navy 2GL

Disperse Blue 79 (CAS 12239-34-8)

Cerasperse Black KCSRN

Disperse Black Mix