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For use in colouring organic solvents, waxes, lubricants and other hydrocarbon based nonpolar materials.

Dixon Chew are able to offer Solvent Dyes in various colours in both powder and liquid form.  Our solvent dye range play an active role in producing bright and deep shades for use in a variety of applications.

Need something you don't see here? We can colour match to your requirements; a sample swatch or a Pantone® reference is all our technical team need.

Cerasol Green 7G

Solvent Green 5 (CAS 2744-50-5)

Cerasol Yellow 3G

Solvent Yellow 16 (CAS 4314-14-1)

Cerasol Fluorescent Yellow G

Solvent Yellow 43 (CAS 19125-99-6)

Cerasol Yellow R

Solvent Yellow 2 (CAS 60-11-7)

Cerasol Auramine O Base

Solvent Yellow 34 (CAS 492-80-8)

Cerasol Orange V

Solvent Orange 105 (CAS 12223-22-2)

Cerasol Yellow HA

Solvent Yellow 12 (CAS 6370-43-0)

Cerasol Orange 4R

Solvent Yellow 14 (CAS 842-07-9)

Cerasol Orange R

Solvent Yellow 14 (CAS 842-07-9)

Cerasol Chrysoidine Y Base

Solvent Orange 3 (CAS 495-45-5)

Cerasol Orange R

Solvent Orange 62 (CAS 52256-37-8)

Cerasol Red TX

Solvent Red 24 (CAS 85-83-6)

Cerasol Rhodamine B Base

Solvent Red 49 (CAS 509-34-2)

Cerasol Blue A

Solvent Blue 36 (CAS 14233-37-5)

Cerasol Green G

Solvent Green 3 (CAS 128-80-3)

Cerasol Blue B

Solvent Blue 35 (CAS 12769-17-4)

Cerasol Methyl Violet B Base

Solvent Violet 8 (CAS 52080-58-7)

Cerasol Nigrosine Spirit Soluble BXL

Solvent Black 5 (CAS 11099-03-9)

Cerasol Nigrosine BLN Base

Solvent Black 7 (CAS 8005-02-5)

Cerasol Black 2B

Solvent Black 3 (CAS 4197-25-5)